It’s no secret that we at Harper’s Bizarre are animal lovers at heart. It is incredibly important that even as a small company, we stick to our beliefs that whilst we still have bills to pay and I like going on holiday as much as the next person, business should not be all about profits, expansion and trying to take over the world. I think we’ve all had enough bad jobs to appreciate the value in doing something we love and trying to include some of the things we believe in.

Jerry-Green-Dog-Rescue-smallFrom the very start I knew I wanted to support the Jerry Green Dog Rescue with whatever I felt that Harper’s Bizarre could raise for them.  Personally, I still fail to understand how people get dogs who are not rescue dogs and the nice person in me tells myself loudly that they simply cannot understand the joy of bringing on of these glorious animals home and making them part of a family.  Why this particular dog rescue?  Quite simply it happens to be the one where my family and I have had most of our dogs from and they are fabulous.  Mostly because in February 2000 they gave us a dog called Socks, who we still miss every day.

Whilst dogs may not be your thing, I hope that you appreciate the sentiments behind what we are trying to do and it brings a smile to your face to at least support an independent business that believes in something!