Coronavirus Information

Harper’s Candles will stay open for as long as we can as an online only business as it is possible to self isolate and still come to the candle mine with Flora and Bandit.

We will not be attending any markets or events for the foreseeable future.

All orders will be honoured and subscription boxes are not affected.

Orders will only be dispatched on Mondays and Thursdays until further notice to save our couriers making more trips than necessary and to support working from home as much as possible.

We hope that all of our customers stay safe and take care of those around them.  We recommend that those of you who are remaining at home and have not yet watched Game of Thrones appreciate that now is a good time to start.  Those who have already watched Game of Thrones may choose to watch it all again.  Rescue animals are an ideal companion during this time. Fostering from your local rescue is a viable option if you have suddenly found yourself at home.  Cats are still having kittens and need a spare room, elderly dogs have still lost their owners and don’t always cope well with kennels & hamsters don’t take much space but are cheery little souls and will keep you company 🙂