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  • Birch Bark Love Cubes

    Set of four simple and natural birch bark cubes with carved letting LOVE. Each cube size: Height: 6cm Width: 6cm Depth: 6cm

    not rated £7.00
  • Twig Star

    I have three of these and they’re so simple they’re lush.  This gorgeous looking, rustic little dust gatherer looks awesome when it’s teamed with chrome or brushed steel or for a completely natural look, place it behind a vase of … Read More

    not rated £8.00
  • Three Metal Fish

    I wish I had a fish. I am an absolute sucker for dust gatherers and I’m probably most guilty when it comes to things I can pop in my bathroom.  I hang them on little hooks that wouldn’t hold a … Read More

    not rated £12.00
  • Liberty Bells

    It’s very difficult to explain how great these are.  They actually ring with a beautiful chime and they are so much heavier and smarter than I can describe.  They are a real statement piece.  I’m going to use mine as … Read More

    not rated £12.00