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  • Naughty Corner Iron Sign

    Because we all know someone. This is a solid and heavy little thing.  They already know so why not let them know that you know by popping this where they mostly are? Height: 5cm Width: 14.2cm Depth: 0.5cm Probably not … Read More

    not rated £5.00
  • Count Your Blessings Frame

    Sew and sew. I can’t sew so I’m always oddly grateful when I buy something that looks like I embroidered it myself.  Yes I know this isn’t a handmade product but just one of those things that looks like it’s … Read More

    not rated £6.00
  • Twig Star

    I have three of these and they’re so simple they’re lush.  This gorgeous looking, rustic little dust gatherer looks awesome when it’s teamed with chrome or brushed steel or for a completely natural look, place it behind a vase of … Read More

    not rated £8.00
  • Liberty Bells

    It’s very difficult to explain how great these are.  They actually ring with a beautiful chime and they are so much heavier and smarter than I can describe.  They are a real statement piece.  I’m going to use mine as … Read More

    not rated £12.00