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  • 11cm Glass Candle Coaster

    This is our personal recommended heat proof surface and it is so simple and understated that it fits anywhere.  This size fits our large and small tins and our glass votive candles. Clear glass. 11cm diameter (Pssst….! This is what … Read More

    not rated £3.00
  • Whites &

    Candle sand is an important part of arranging candles in containers of all types.  It adds an extra layer of heat proof surface, absorbs any melted wax that spills onto it, stabilises candles, tealights and holders AND it make it … Read More

    not rated £3.00
  • ‘Everything Is Better …’ Ceramic Coaster

    This is an ace gift.  How do I know?  Because I bought one for myself (and actually I got the pair and took them straight home)! It doubles as either a candle coaster (fits our small and large tins) and … Read More

    not rated £5.00
  • Candle Snuffer

    Too posh to blow your own candles out?  This is the one for you and it looks pretty enough to be left on a shelf so it’s useful and it’s an ornament.  Simply hold over the flame (try not to … Read More

    not rated £6.00