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    Orange Rocky Road

    A tangy, orangey twist on our original Rocky Road bar. Like a club bar with the added deliciousness of gooey mallows. Contains no actual fruit – who wants fruit in a Rocky Road? Vegan and gluten free. (This is my … Read More

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Sea Salt & Cinder Toffee Rocky Road

    Like a crunchie bar jumped into a rocky road, kicked out the fruit and nuts, and added a sprinkle of sea salt.  Contains our secret recipe crunchy gluten free biscuit, cinder toffee and chewy vegan mallows coated in the finest Belgian … Read More

    not rated £2.00
  • Mummy Meagz Original Rocky Road

    A classic chocolate rocky road bar. Gooey, crunchy and chocolatey, complete with soft marshmallows. Vegan and gluten free (but you don’t need to be vegan to love it!) I’m going to shamelessly name drop this one because I’ve known Mummy … Read More

    not rated £2.00