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    One of each from our sweet range.  Check out the descriptions on their main page:

    • Bakewell Tart
    • Jaffa Cake
    • Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream
    • Lemon Tart
    • Salted Caramel
    • Sugar & Cinnamon Doughnut

    Seriously, they’re ace.  Gooey caramel, sticky doughnuts dusted with sugar that sticks to your fingers no matter how many times you lick them and warm, home baked Bakewell with all it’s almondy goodness – but our melts have no calories – no sir! – because you are not allowed to eat them.  Or lick them.  Or dare your friend to lick them.  Even if they’re drunk and it’s 2am and it seems like a really funny idea at the time.

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    One of each from our home range.  Check out the descriptions on their main page:

    • Raspberry & Rose
    • Snuggley Blanket
    • Sublime Lime
    • Black Vanilla
    • Fallen Angel
    • Vineyard

    So that’s basically all the smells that we like best that didn’t really fit into a range but we love them so the Harper’s & Home range got invented.  To be fair, we think all these six fragrances are a bit posh so having them means you automatically raise your self esteem and validates any sudden desire to own several more handbags.  It’s all about perspective (and willful enablement).


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    One of each from our aromatic range*.  Check out the descriptions on their main page:

    • Karma
    • Fossil Amber
    • Gypsy Patchouli
    • Wolf Wood
    • Tabby Dragon
    • Let Sleeping Kittens Lie

    Deep and sumptuous, earthy and rich…. and now all I can think about is George Clooney…

    …    …

    …still George…

    …so basically if George Clooney smelled like a range made by a quirky British candle company I think it stands a good chance of being this one.

    *Our aromatic range is not connected to or endorsed by George Clooney in any way whatsoever.  We don’t know him.  Even a little bit.  Even just to go to the pub and say “Hey George, good to see you again.  Fancy a pint?” and then play pool with him… Sadly.  *cries*

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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    One of each from our fresh range.  Check out the descriptions on their main page:

    • Rain
    • Washing Line
    • Ironing Pile
    • I Love You But You Smell
    • Cut Grass
    • Hare Brained

    Make your house smell clean and shiny like one of those ones in the adverts with the people who style their bouncy hair in the morning then float around their pristine, co-ordinated houses making healthy meals in the teeny sizes that we are all told we are supposed to have (but none of us do) and enjoy them whilst sitting at their table with the whole family including their children, who appear to not only eat vegetables but smile and chat about their day whilst chewing, and a husband who smiles a lot, wears ironed trousers and looks like he couldn’t change a plug if his life depended on it… but the house looks like it smells awesome.

    not rated £12.00