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  • April Subscription Boxes (Choose One Of Your Fragrances!)

    Our April subscription box will be dispatched during the first week of April or the renewal date for your subscription, whichever is the sooner.

    Last sign up for this box will be 19th March 2021.  The following box will be the Summer box, which will be dispatched during the first week of June.

    Everyone who subscribes to one of our boxes (or a one-off box when they are available)  gets to choose a fragrance in it and this is where you can do yours.  If you’re not sure which you will like best then browse through our ranges where you will find the details of the fragrances we’ve included here.

    There’s no extra cost, it’s already included in your subscription.  Please make sure to send us your selection two weeks before your box is due to be dispatched so that we have enough of everything in stock.  If you change your mind then that’s fine, just email us.  If you don’t make a choice don’t worry because we will choose the one that we think you will like best and send you it in your box.  Oh happy days :)


    P.S.  If you don’t have a subscription with us then you are in the wrong place!  Only customers with a linked subscription will receive one of these in their box.  Selecting it anyway won’t get you a free candle or melt. If you go ahead anyway to see what happens then I can assure you that there will be a rolling of eyes at our end, no further action and perhaps tumbleweed will blow across a savannah.  Honest. It’s really not that exciting.

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