Artificial Succulent

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I love the word faux because it’s just posh for fake or plastic but it is what one is supposed to put and then I smiled to myself because at junior school it would have been plaggy but the adult businesswoman told me to call this an Articifical Succulent, which just goes to show you how grown up I’m feeling today.  I originally bought one each of all my artificial plants to use on the Harper’s Candles stand at Spring and Autumn Fairs at the NEC but they mostly live in a shower room at home where there is no natural light and they look so good.  I was using them as props when my friend Margit came to lend an artists eye and she asked if I was going to be selling them, but I said not.  So she said I should and could she have some and that’s why they’re here!

Made predominantly from glass, plastic with sand and stone.

Approx 9.5cm tall x 8cm diameter.


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