Chive Light Blue Coral


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Light Blue Corel is 3″ in diameter, 1.4″ tall.

Meet Coral, the fabulous and unique ceramic flowers that are the very first thing Chive designed that do nothing… except look pretty and each is painstakingly hand-made, ensuring (like a live flower in nature) that no two are alike. There are endless possibilities with these ceramic flowers, corals and succulents. Mix them up with live plants or place them on top of a decorative planters, use them as paperweights or do a cool assorted display on your coffee table. Some are able to be hung (check for a keyhole with the dimensions above – if they have one they can be wall hung) so how about some wall art? They are the perfect Objet d’Art – and they are the plant/flower that never dies!

These are ridiculously beautiful and posh.  They just jump up and down and shout “Des res!” wherever you put them and you can put them in a pot, on a shelf or a table and lots are wall mountable.  I discovered them because I’ve exhibited at both Spring and Autumn Fairs at the NEC a few times and they’re billed as the largest wholesale events in the UK.  I found this to be true when I went for a wander my first time there, got totally lost and arrived back to my stand an hour an a half later completely exhausted needing coffee and smelling salts. After that and for each visit thereafter I never left my own Hall again.  It’s huge.  One thing I did see on that maiden and last voyage into the vast unknown was the Chive stand.  On it were these ceramic corals.  The display was enormous, hung on walls and flat on surfaces, and it was one of the rare occasions that when I got up close I realised each individual item on it’s own is stunning in its own right and doesn’t need to be part of a group.  But looks awesome in a group… but doesn’t need to be… if you see what I mean.  Anyway, I took a brochure and one of the many specific reasons that I wanted to start Flaky Bandit is because I wanted to buy these corals.

P.S. My cleaning advice is do not dust and do not use sprays on them.  They do trap dust in their detail in the long run if you do that but if you were looking at these for practicality then you’re in the wrong place.  Instead, I give mine a weekly (Hahahahaaa!!  As if!!  Fortnightly at best… ok closer to maybe three weeks or when my mum visits) waft with a non-feather duster and every now and then I carefully wash them individually in hot, soapy water and leave them to drain and dry on a tea towel – well away from my non-agile cats.  Then I guard them like a lioness does her cubs until they’re back where they belong and I can breathe again which is silly because they’re tougher than they look.


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