‘Everything is Better…’ Hot Water Bottle

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The ultimate huggable companion.

Nothing says I Love Me like a hot water bottle.  Good for achy nights, chilly nights, I feel sorry for me nights and I will never feel warm again after a dog walk in sideways February rain afternoons.  Excellent for weekend films in the winter.  Doesn’t talk during the interesting bits.  Won’t lust after your popcorn or biscuits like a dog.  This happy little chap is portable and equally good on a sofa or under a duvet.  Doesn’t care how cold your feet are or that your pj top doesn’t match your pj bottoms.  Won’t leave you if your tummy wobbles but may be stolen by terriers and cats.

Height: 27cm
Width: 16cm
Depth: 4.5cm (when not filled)

This product is made from natural rubber and synthetic fibres.

Caution: Care must be taken when filling with hot water.  Please don’t email me to say you hurt your hand.


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