Hot Garlic Pickle

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Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Award Winner

This is where my Blueberry Hill addiction started and I feel a bit of hero worship towards Rob and Lyn because of this little jar of sheer splendour.  To me it makes them a bit like talking to a film star when Rob comes to deliver (a.k.a. come and see his b.f.f. Bandit) or I message them to order or ask a question and then I keep on messaging like a weirdo and in my head I’m saying stop, leave him alone, but I don’t.  I keep talking.  Rob is lovely and always replies but that says more about him and how nice he is than it does about me in all my happy, starstruck awkwardness.  It’s his fault for making this.  Nothing, and again I say, nothing makes a curry a finer part of life than garlic pickle and this is the best, best ever garlic pickle you can buy.  It just is.  I’m a chilli wuss and I eat this by the jarful. If I had a food replicator like they do in Star Trek this would be one of the things I’d repeatedly asked for.  I cry if I run out. I need to stop writing before I write a love song about it.

Blueberry Hill say “This is one of our most popular chutneys and a Great Taste Award winner. A hit of strong sweet garlic followed by a warm chilli afterglow. We use it to add a rounded garlic kick to curries and even bolognese.”

Suitable for vegan diets. Free from additives, nuts and gluten.
Net Weight: 215g

Ingredients: Garlic (23%), sugar, acetic acid, water, corn flour, mustard seeds, sunflower oil, cumin, salt, spices, chilli.
Allergens in bold

Nutritional Information (per 100g):
Energy 925 kJ
219 kcal
Protein 4.1g
Carbohydrate 40.0g (of which: sugars 33g)
Fat 3.7g (of which: saturates 0.4g)
Salt 1.0g

About Blueberry Hill… I first came across Blueberry Hill at a market for the cast and crew of the soap Emmerdale at ITV Leeds and anything that says Garlic Pickle has me in about three seconds.  I was hooked and started trying other jars of wonder from them.  They are amazing.  At any one time I have half a dozen of their jars in my fridge, although my OH and I war over which is the best.  Blueberry Hill hails from Wharfedale in Yorkshire, and are the loveliest people. They are very aware of traditional quality, of the benefits of small-scale production and of knowing exactly what you’re buying. They like to think they’re playing a very small part in the great British revival of high-quality, small-scale food brands but, most of all, want you to seriously enjoy their superb preserves!  Blueberry Hill have crafted a range of preserves that are brimful with the finest ingredients, from which they’ve extracted the most fantastic flavours – without any help from artificial ingredients. So, if you like the idea of small-batch production, artisan ingredients and great taste, you’ll love these (we do!).

P.S.  When Rob comes to deliver he really only comes to see Bandit.  They are having a bromance.


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