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This is one of those fragrances that I just can’t describe.  It’s sort of fruity and fresh but aromatic and deep all at the same time.  It’s like one of those favourite t-shirts that you can’t remember where you bought it but it’s funky and different and you can wear it when you’re blobbing, when you go to the pub and it just seems to work everywhere and for every occasion.  That’s what this smells like.  You’re welcome (sorry!!) 🙂

This is my homage to Hygge, which I think is just the most beautiful idea and I’ve had it at home for around six years now.  Hygge (pronounced kinda hoo-gar – a bit like fubar…) is a Danish word describing the feeling of comfort and wellbeing that comes from doing simple things such as reading books, lighting candles, baking or spending time at home with friends and family.  It’s about true home comforts and that is a beautiful thing.


Our car diffuser bottles hold around 7ml of liquid and last for around six weeks if shaken regularly.  

Height 50mm  Width 25mm  Depth 25mm

Always follow safety instructions as follows: 

Remove packaging. Unscrew cap and remove plastic stopper. Replace the lid and DO NOT over tighten as this will damage the thread and the lid could become loose.  Always keep the bottle upright once the stopper has been removed.  Tilt the bottle infuse the inner wood cap with the scented oil. Gently tilt to re-infuse when aroma fades.  We recommend holding the glass bottle, not the lid as this has fragrance on it.  We always tie a knot in the string (just in case!) and remember not to hang it from your actual rear view mirror following the law change earlier this year.  We use our sun visor brackets 🙂


WARNING: Flammable liquid.  Do not ingest. Avoid touching the liquid.  Do not spill.  Keep away from children and pets.  Contents will damage surfaces and fabrics.  May cause an allergic skin reaction.  Car diffusers are toxic to aquatic life and can cause skin irritation.   This fragrance is article 10B : 35.

Please dispose of fragranced products carefully.  Many are toxic to aquatic life if they get into waterways.

Additional information

Weight 80 g


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