Introvert Boxed Wax Melts


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Clean, soft, comforting and fresh all in one.

I have tested at 96% introverted before now (73% once on a very interactive day!) and this fragrance is the one I have at home when I have cleaned and tidied and have time to myself to actively introvert, which means I’m very busy on my own with what I consider to be hard and fast Plans.  This could be Pinterest, reading a book, telling my animals how much I love them and patting them, baking, binge watching something on Netflix, playing post-apocalyptic PlayStation games with my gaming-BFF Pete or simply staring into space looking like I’m dazed when in fact there’s a party in my head.  For hours and hours.  Whatever I’m doing whilst I introvert, my phone will be off, I won’t answer the door and this is my fragrance of choice for those magical hours and has been for the last couple of years.  


Our wax melts come tissue wrapped as six individual hearts in a labelled white box (weighing a total of around 40g) and each will last a minimum of two to three tealights of melty goodness.

Always follow safety instructions.  They are written in our FAQ’s and on all of our leaflets.

Please dispose of fragranced products carefully.  Many are toxic to aquatic life if they get into waterways.



Instructions For Wax Melts.

Pop one of the wax melt cubes out of the shell packaging, or one of our deli-pot melts (broken in half or whole depending on the size of your melter), into the top dish of your warmer. Do not add water or oil.  Or bubble bath.  Or ketchup. In fact don’t add anything.  Just the melt cube.  Moving on….

To begin using your fragranced wax melts pop a tealight into your warmer or turn your wax warmer on if it is an electrical one.  Always place warmers on a level surface away from drafts, curtains etc and anything flammable (following general candles safety instructions is best!). The wax will now begin to melt and your room will be filled with lovely smells.  Turn off your melter or blow out the tealight after around 4 hours (again, like the candle safety instructions).

Melted wax does not evaporate.  After a few uses (the number depends on the fragrance you choose and your preference on how strong you like your rooms to be fragranced) the fragrance just dissipates and leaves plain but used wax that needs to be cleaned out.  Don’t worry.  This is the work of seconds.

Once the wax has cooled, you will either need to scrape the wax out of your melting dish (we use plastic utensils for this to avoid damaging our ceramic melters) or warm it as normal for just a couple of minutes to loosen the base layer a little and gently nudge it to pop the wax out.  Do not discard used wax down a drain.


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