Introvert Large Tin


Clean, soft, comforting and fresh all in one.

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Clean, soft, comforting and fresh all in one.

I have tested at 96% introverted before now (73% once on a very interactive day!) and this fragrance is the one I have at home when I have cleaned and tidied and have time to myself to actively introvert, which means I’m very busy on my own with what I consider to be hard and fast Plans.  This could be Pinterest, reading a book, telling my animals how much I love them and patting them, baking, binge watching something on Netflix, playing post-apocalyptic PlayStation games with my gaming-BFF Pete or simply staring into space looking like I’m dazed when in fact there’s a party in my head.  For hours and hours.  Whatever I’m doing whilst I introvert, my phone will be off, I won’t answer the door and this is my fragrance of choice for those magical hours and has been for the last couple of years.  

Our large tins weigh 225g and are double wicked to burn for around 30 hours.

Always follow safety instructions.  They are written on the base of each tin, on most of our packaging, in our FAQ’s and on all of our leaflets.

Please dispose of fragranced products carefully.  Many are toxic to aquatic life if they get into waterways.


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