Plain Glass Tealight Holder


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This is the simplest tealight holder with plain handle and is a real statement piece.  I always recommend popping a little white sand in the bottom of a tealight holder.  Not only does it provide a layer of heat proof base but it makes everything look so much smarter and more finished.  Like you cared and meant it.

Tea lights add such a beautiful mood to a room and having a bigger, scented candle (*coughs* one of mine) on the go at the same time can make an otherwise ordinary evening take on an air of having done something really nice for yourself.  For added impact layer them into a glass hurricane vase.

Made from glass and metal.

Height: 9.5cm

Diameter: 7cm at top and 8.5cm at base

Caution: Hanging whilst containing a lit tea light will cause the handle to heat up.  We recommend that you consider the handle as a decoration only and do not hang this votive.  

(Psssst!  This is our polite way of saying simply don’t do it because it isn’t a good idea and someone will get burnt fingers.)



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