Scotch Bonnet Hot Chilli Sauce

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Make movie night or a chit-chat a bit more 3D with this super gorgeous chilli sauce, a bowl of salted nachos and a few cold beers with your friends and family.  It’s a real ice breaker!  I like a bit of danger on my barbecue so this is perfect!  I’m a self confessed chilli wuss but I do love this and I just can’t help myself.  It’s definitely not subtle but it actually tastes of something rather than being just like setting your tongue on fire and then trying to speak normally whilst wondering how much you can scrape off your hot dog without anyone noticing that you just outdid yourself.  It’s all tomatoey and garlicky and yummy and then it sort of socks it to you in a way that amuses your mouth rather than tells you to go to A&E.  It makes a burger quite magic and I sometimes add a dash to my barbecue sauce if I’m making a hot sauce.  This is an absolute fridge staple of mine.

Blueberry Hill say “We’ve been asked for a hot chilli sauce by plenty of customers, but it’s taken a while to get right. Making it hot is easy, but getting the right depth of real flavour takes a lot of playing around… as we found! Finally, it tastes really good and is a good alternative to ketchup or for putting on homemade burgers.”

Suitable for vegan diets. Free from additives, nuts and gluten.
Contents: 270ml

Ingredients: Tomato, Scotch Bonnet and other chilli peppers in variable quantities (21%), water, garlic, sugar, balsamic vinegar (acetic acid, cooked grape must), salt.
Allergens in bold.

Nutritional Information (per 100g):
Energy 129 kJ/31 kcal
Protein 1.0gg
Carbohydrate 6g (of which: sugars 5g)
Fat 0g (of which: saturates 0.0g)
Salt 0.5g

About Blueberry Hill… I first came across Blueberry Hill at a market for the cast and crew of the soap Emmerdale at ITV Leeds and anything that says Garlic Pickle has me in about three seconds.  I was hooked and started trying other jars of wonder from them.  They are amazing.  At any one time I have half a dozen of their jars in my fridge, although my OH and I war over which is the best.  Blueberry Hill hails from Wharfedale in Yorkshire, and are the loveliest people. They are very aware of traditional quality, of the benefits of small-scale production and of knowing exactly what you’re buying. They like to think they’re playing a very small part in the great British revival of high-quality, small-scale food brands but, most of all, want you to seriously enjoy their superb preserves!  Blueberry Hill have crafted a range of preserves that are brimful with the finest ingredients, from which they’ve extracted the most fantastic flavours – without any help from artificial ingredients. So, if you like the idea of small-batch production, artisan ingredients and great taste, you’ll love these (we do!).

P.S.  When Rob comes to deliver he really only comes to see Bandit.  They are having a bromance.


My Texas Hot Barbecue Sauce

I make at least double this quantity at a time and freeze it in takeaway tubs.

  • 1 bottle of very cold beer (I use Budweiser.)
  • 1 tin of really decent plum tomatoes (rubbish tomatoes = rubbish sauce)
  • 1 onion
  • 1 red pepper
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • A decent glug of olive oil
  • A dash of chilli sauce (amount depending on how much of a wuss you are)
  • Half a handful of chopped fresh herbs (I use rosemary, thyme and oregano but whatever is handy is good)
  • 1tsp smoked paprika
  • 2tbsp Hickory Liquid Smoke (I use Stubbs)
  • 2tbsp agave nectar
  • 1tbsp muscovado sugar
  • A big squirt of tomato puree
  • Lots of lovely salt and pepper
  1. Take a beer out of the fridge and open.  Start drinking beer.  You should never cook barbecue sauce without a cold beer in your hand.  
  2. Chop the onions and peppers reasonably finely and throw into a warmed pan over a medium heat with the olive oil, cooking until the onions are golden.
  3. Chuck in the herbs, paprika, salt and pepper and garlic for two minutes.  Do not let the garlic brown as it makes the sauce bitter.
  4. Add the sugar, agave nectar, liquid smoke and chilli sauce.  Stir for a minute.
  5. Add the chopped tomatoes.  If your tin is whole tomatoes, tip off some of the liquid into the pan then stir the remaining tomatoes in the tin with a sharp knife to chop them yourself.
  6. Bring to a simmer, then turn it right down and leave it for half an hour to bubble slowly, stirring every once in a while.
  7. Add the tomato puree and adjust the chilli, salt and pepper to taste. 
  8. If the sauce is too thick, add a little water or 
  9. At this point you can transfer to a barbecue oven for half an hour to develop the smokey taste or just serve it as is.
  10. Voila!  Now all your friends love you.




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